Meet the Family

The Sheridan family are third generation custodians of the land Cuilcagh Boardwalk traverses.

Spearheaded by John Sheridan, a Fermanagh native and proud Gaeilgeoir, along with his wife, Sylvia, their two sons, Jack and Chris and daughter, Lisa, the conservation project is close to the Sheridan family’s hearts, as they seek to ensure the longevity and protection of this unique land for many years to come. 

John is also a renowned local activist, with a strong presence in Border Communities Against Brexit. Faced with many challenges in the years ahead, John cares deeply about his family’s land and the heritage of Northern Ireland’s largest bogland here on Cuilcagh Mountain. With a personal connection to the ground beneath him, John Sheridan will continue to put the protection of Cuilcagh at the forefront of all plans so that the public can safely enjoy the natural surroundings in their true and intended glory.

“Cuilcagh Boardwalk has become one of the most popular attractions in Ireland, and with that comes lots of joy but also many of its own challenges. We inherited this land from generations before us, along with the many diverse wildlife ecosystems that make it so beautiful, and it’s our job to protect that and encourage visitors to be mindful to do the same.”
– John Sheridan